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Feb 12, 2020

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Luxury design can take many forms—from a well-crafted piece of furniture to perfectly thought-out space planning, to the colors, textures, and materials used in a room. But for the right space, they must all converge seamlessly and create a feeling the client loves. Even more so, they should be timeless and reflect the personal lifestyle of the homeowner. And that’s exactly what Anita Lang, ASID and founder of Scottsdale-based IMI Design (est. 1992), does. Lang, who has been designing for more than two decades, always knew she had an eye for design. “I really think every human being has a gift to share with each other,” she says. “I happen to see spatially; it’s funny, as a young person, I didn’t realize others couldn’t. It took me awhile to understand it is the way my mind is particularly wired.” As an authority in her field, her straightforward and experienced approach is of service to clients across the spectrum including residential, commercial, and hotel properties in across the U.S. and international destinations, as well.

Anita, is a dear friend, a well-connected industry insider and will be designing the living room in ICONIC HAUS 2020, which we are very excited about. I met with her recently to discuss the difference between designing for clients on the East Coast versus clients on the West Coast that we are affectionately calling Manhattan to Manhattan Beach. Anita shares her creative process, starting out with a mediation to bring herself into the creative zone as well as the problem-solving aspect of being a designer. Inspiration for design can be found everywhere, Anita shares how her travels and everything she is exposed to influence her design decisions as well as the travels and experiences of her clients. It’s always great to spend time with Anita and I so admire her drive, her passion for life and her ability to really think outside the box. This podcast is also a story on




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