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Apr 15, 2020

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“From an early age, I obsessively studied the pages of Seventeen Magazine fantasizing about the fashion and the life it brought with it.  As a college student in NYC and Paris, examining the store windows of Fifth Avenue in NYC and Avenue Montaigne in Paris became as much of a daily priority as my course work in classic literature. I’ve been hooked on fashion and the self-empowerment it brings with it ever since!


I was born in a working-class town outside of Boston and was raised by traditional Greek parents who always made me feel like the world was mine to conquer. I knew I needed to be educated and earned multiple degrees at New York University and Babson College. I knew I needed to work hard and honed my skills as an entrepreneur by starting and building multiple businesses. The biggest lesson was the realization that how I dressed was an important arsenal when it came to building the life I dreamed of. 


As a life-long fashion lover, entrepreneur and dreamer, I set out to create a new concept in traditional consignment shopping where designer fashion is sourced from the best of the past to collections from the most exciting emerging designers on the fashion scene, all sourced from all corners of the globe and offered at discounted prices. 


Almost six years after opening the first location, our brand boasts four locations with two in Scottsdale, one in Dallas and a fourth on famed Robertson Blvd. in Los Angeles. My personal mantras and advice to clients are:  Dress for the life you want, take some risks, think outside of the box, have the courage to be different and buy it when you see it!




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