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Mar 18, 2020



The Heart Center at Phoenix Children’s Hospital is the beneficiary of ICONIC HAUS 2020  proceeds, and I talked with him about ten days ago before the coronavirus news intensified this week. As Co-Director of The Heart Center, Dr. Franklin shared the latest initiatives and innovative research coming out of The Heart Center, and why our support matters. Following my interview with Dr. Franklin, dear friend and father Justin Lee, owner of Moving Team Six and ICONIC HAUS sponsor, shares his personal story of how PCH saved his daughter’s life, and why he always says “yes” to Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

Dr. Wayne Franklin

Dr. Wayne Franklin is a graduate of Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts, and UCLA School of Medicine.  He did his residency training in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics at Duke University, where he first was exposed to Adult Congenital Heart Disease (ACHD).  He then did two simultaneous fellowships in adult cardiology and pediatric cardiology at St. Luke’s/Texas Heart Institute and at Baylor College of Medicine (BCM)/Texas Children’s Hospital (TCH) in Houston. In 2004, he founded the Texas Adult Congenital Heart Program, where he has served as Director from 2004-2018.  In 2013, he was appointed Chief of Cardiology at the TCH Pavilion for Women, where he directed the clinical and administrative cardiovascular service lines. In September of 2017, he was selected as Head of the Department Adult Medicine at Texas Children's Hospital and Associate Vice Chair of Clinical Operations in the Department of Pediatrics.  He is also the recipient of two prestigious Fulbright and Jaworski Awards of BCM Faculty Excellence, one in Teaching and one in Educational Leadership. 

He came to Phoenix in 2018 to join Phoenix Children’s Hospital as the Co-Director of the Heart Center, the Director of the ACHD Program, and Chair of the Department of Adult Medicine.  In addition, he is a Full Professor in three University of Arizona-College of Medicine-Phoenix Departments, including the Departments of Medicine, Child Health, and Obstetrics and Gynecology.  

Since his arrival, Dr. Franklin has transformed the care of adults with congenital heart disease in the Valley, and he has put together a team of experts in the field.  Phoenix Children’s Hospital is now undergoing accreditation to become the first hospital in Arizona to be accredited to comprehensive care of patients with adult congenital heart disease

From an academic perspective, he is involved with several research projects on adults with congenital heart disease, specifically in patients with single ventricle-Fontan physiology, neurocognitive outcomes, pulmonary hypertension, cardiac disease in pregnancy, and most recently, transition medicine.  Dr. Franklin has been appointed to several medical advisory boards in congenital heart disease, including the Adult Congenital Heart Association (ACHA), the Alliance for Adult Research in Congenital Cardiology (AARCC), and American College of Cardiology (ACC). Since 2018, he has been the Co-Director of the Heart Center at Phoenix Children’s Hospital.  He has been an invited lecturer across North America, Europe, South America and South Asia. 

He has offices in Central Phoenix, Scottsdale, Gilbert and Glendale.  In his off-time, Dr. Franklin likes to spend time with his two children and his wife, Rachel McNeill, anchor at 12 News/NBC-Phoenix.

He remains a full-time husband, a lifetime father and a part-time golfer.



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