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Sep 23, 2021

Keith Richardson is President of both Arizona Fireplaces and AF Distributors - industry leaders in retail and 2-step distribution centers that serve the southwest.  These two companies represent the largest combined part of the family business. The other related companies include AF Steel (fabricators and installers of structural steel in metro Phoenix for large commercial and residential builders), Modern Flames (manufacturer and inter-national brand of electric fireplaces), and Grand Canyon Gas logs (manufacturer of gas logs and burners).


Under Keith’s direction, there is a strong and energetic team of over 280 talented employees who have changed the hearth & outdoor living industry.  Keith’s appreciation for technology has helped advance the company to become the biggest Fireplace and BBQ supplier in the Southwest United States. With over 140,000 sf of warehouse space, their inventory ranks second-to-none. With two state-of-the-art showrooms, clients and customers can also experience products firsthand as they tour their retail space, experiencing the warmth and cool-to-the-touch hearth products:  fireplaces, gas & electric, outdoor grills, and fire tables and features, gas logs, and accessories -up close and personal.


Keith joins Renee Dee on ICONIC Hour to discuss the story behind building his brand and positioning Arizona Fireplaces as the industry leader in sustainability and innovation. 


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