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May 2, 2024

Kimbal Musk, a South African chef and restaurateur, is the owner of The Kitchen Restaurant Group, which boasts a variety of restaurants in Colorado and Chicago. As the younger brother of businessman Elon Musk, Kimbal is no stranger to pushing boundaries and taking risks. However, his journey has taken a unique turn towards the food industry.

In this episode of ICONIC Hour, Musk discusses the challenges that have shaped his culinary journey, from a life-changing injury and years of rehabilitation to living through the tragedy of 9/11. Through all these challenges, his passion for cooking has remained steadfast, serving as a means of connecting and educating people. He has recently launched his first cookbook, "Cooking for Your Community," which embraces a farm-to-table approach to cooking and emphasizes the importance of food as a way of caring for others.

Listen to this episode of ICONIC Hour to find out more!

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