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Jan 15, 2020

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Meet Mark Candelaria, AIA, Founding Partner/Principal of Candelaria Design. With nearly 40 years of experience in designing custom luxury homes, renovations, restaurants and resorts, Mark believes in enhancing your lifestyle through his creative ideas, visionary architecture and award-winning designs. Mark is a dear friend of mine and is a regular contributor to ICONIC LIFE with his regular column MARK-itecture, where he shares his global travels through the eyes of an architect.

Candelaria Design Associates was formed in 1999 with the simple belief that the architectural design process should always be fun, creative, collaborative and rewarding. His architecture career began under the tutelage of George W. Christensen, FAIA in 1982. After an 18-year career heading the residential branch of the Phoenix-based firm, CCBG Architects, whereby the firm grew to the fifth largest architectural practice in Phoenix, he opened Candelaria Design to be able to direct his time and talents towards working one-on-one with his residential clients. 

Mark has the unique ability to see the inherent possibilities of custom home designs, both new and remodeled. He can sketch and create the spaces that his clients envision during a single meeting. He also is a firm believer in doing all of his renderings by hand and combining art with technology to create soulful designs. Mark loves to travel and cook, and spends time with his wife, Isabel, who shares this same passion, preparing fabulous meals for their clients and friends. Mark just completed his 19th Candelaria Design Tour, and in 2020 will take travelers to Italy, Spain and Napa. Mark is currently working on two books, and he loves to paint and draw. Mark launched his podcast Inspiring Living last fall to great reviews, and if you love this interview, you should check out his weekly podcast, too. He interviewed me on this same day, and we jointly launched what we are calling our POD-SWAP on the same day. You can check it out at on Inspiring Living.



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