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Feb 5, 2020

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TASTING NOTES with Mark Tarbell: Napa Valley Reds

A Moment of Zen: Mark Pomerantz


Tom Zenner is a Los Angeles-based writer, television personality and host/creator of the One Degree of Glamorous Podcast and nationally syndicated television segments, which bring to life the exciting stories of the people who work for and with the world's biggest pop culture stars. Tom produces sports, luxury lifestyle and entertainment content, and has authored more than 40 sports championship books, and hosts a weekly radio show with USC football legend Matt Leinart on KABC Radio. Tom launched One Degree of Glamorous to celebrate Hollywood and introduce us to the people making it happen behind the scenes, inside the velvet rope and in the center of the action. Tom contributes to ICONIC LIFE regularly, introducing us to the amazing people he knows.



A Moment of Zen: Kristi Fuhrmann-Kerr

A Moment of Zen: Dionne Phillips

A Moment of Zen: Jason Arasheben


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