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Feb 1, 2023

It’s no secret that ICONIC LIFE Magazine has partnered with the best of the best on a very special project—the nation’s first-ever sustainable showhouse, the Net Zero ICONIC Home.


This journey follows the building of this home from the ground up, and we’ve been learning so much along the way from the wonderful partners and sponsors on this project.


This showhouse is unlike any other we’ve done before. This home has one design team, but features a variety of incredible sustainable and innovative brands that are all working together to create a high-efficiency, forward-thinking home that will stand the test of time (and energy).


ICONIC LIFE brought together some of our favorite innovative brands to help make this dream a reality for our wonderful partners. Our aim is to provide education, inspiration and motivation around sustainable design and living.


Renee talks with some of the key players who generously sponsored the Net Zero ICONIC Home, along with diving into what makes each brand a perfect fit for the goals of this home—sustainability, innovation and wellness.


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