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Feb 24, 2021

ICONIC LIFE Publisher Renee Dee is joined by Brad Leavitt, President of AFT Construction, and Mark LaLiberte, founder of Construction Instruction, to make a very special announcement. March 2021 will mark the beginning of the Net Zero ICONIC Home; an incredible year-long journey of building a net-zero home and launching a conversation around sustainability and healthy living. We will be following the creation of Mark's home, showing you don't have to sacrifice great design and top-tier aesthetics when designing an eco-friendly home.

What does it mean to be "Net Zero"? How is this home going to be built? How can you follow along on the journey? Grab your coffee, or a glass of wine, and settle into this episode of ICONIC HOUR.

We are so honored to partner with AFT Construction, Mark LaLiberte of Construction Instruction, and consulting architect Cosan Studio on this innovative project. Interiors by K & Q will be featured in this home as well.

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