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Jul 28, 2021

Jane Poynter and Taber MacCallum, the husband-and-wife team behind Space Perspective, are on a mission to take on the perception of adrenalin-fueled space travel and invite more people than has historically been possible to ride the wave of space history and be transformed by seeing our beautiful Earth in space.


The couple has been responsible for some of the most remarkable breakthroughs in space innovation and exploration in the last 20 years. They were founding crew members of Biosphere 2, an artificial, enclosed ecosystem designed to mirror Earth’s biosphere to test the viability of maintaining human life in outer space. Founders of Paragon Space Development Corporation: the Human Life Support Systems Company perfected technologies seen on most human spacecraft including the International Space Station and acted as technical advisors to Elon Musk on human spaceflight before SpaceX was a reality. They led team StratEx (Stratospheric Exploration) that invented a self-contained spacesuit and recovery program that could allow human exploration of the stratosphere at 100,000 ft and saw Alan Eustace, a senior Google engineer, set the world record for human spaceflight propelled by a spaceballoon at 136,000 ft — breaking previous world records in 2014, and a record which remains unchallenged today. Most recently, the couple were behind the Silicon Valley-backed stratosphere balloon technology company World View Enterprises with its revolutionary un-crewed Stratollite for communications and remote sensing.


In this episode, Jane and Taber share their vision for space exploration, making space accessible to consumers, and what’s next in the space race.


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