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Jan 29, 2020

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Meet Steve Elton, the Chief Brand Curator of ICONIC outdoor furniture brand Brown Jordan. I am so honored to have Brown Jordan as the presenting sponsor of ICONIC HAUS 2020. Steve Elton, who received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Outdoor Furnishings Industry in 2018, shares with us the incredibly inspiring story of how he fulfilled his dream of working with Brown Jordan.

So how did Elton get to changing the world of design from where he got started? Elton was hired as a sales rep for Brown Jordan in 1990, but it wasn’t really the position he was looking for. “I wanted to get into the creative end of things,” he admits. “When I was in my 20s, I went to design school and took a class on branding. Architectural Digest came up in discussion and it brought back memories of perusing the pages in the copies my parents always had on hand. I kept seeing the Brown Jordan ads, and they just inspired me.” From then on, he made it his mission to work for the firm.

Today, 29 years later he is just as full of passion and excitement for Brown Jordan! We talk about the history of Brown Jordan and its progression into modern-day design, and how the company honors its history while keeping up with the times. Steve has become a friend and mentor to me, and I always feel so lucky when I get time to chat with this industry giant.


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