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Jun 1, 2020


Build a Healthy Home

Scott Conant in the Kitchen


Kevin Donahue is an Entrepreneur, Sales and Marketing Strategist, Global Connector, Author, Speaker and Adventurer. Kevin is the founder and CEO of Executive Sales Source, a transformational consulting and training company that helps entrepreneurs and executives dominate their desired markets and create breakthroughs in new revenues.


His experience spans more than three decades and includes deals that have ranged in the millions of dollars to some of the largest and highest-profile organizations in the world. He’s worked backstage with Tony Robbins and joined Richard Branson on Necker Island. His strategic approach includes human psychology, cultural patterns, unprecedented engagement, extraordinary rapport-building strategies and expert positioning.

Kevin is also the founder of Surf and Serve, an adventure retreat company for entrepreneurs and executives, that combines philanthropy, a mastermind environment and adventure travel.  


When not transforming the lives of entrepreneurs and growing his business, Kevin can be found skydiving, surfing, scuba diving, sailing, and traveling to unique and exotic locations. 


"If you believe in your product or service it is your obligation to position it in the market as a leader and to charge prices according to the value you are delivering!" Kevin wants to help you crush it!

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